A Guide To Conscious Skincare

Making a commitment to clean, conscious beauty can be incredibly beneficial to our Mama Earth, as well as for your skin. Choosing products that organic and sustainably sourced, hand made, and even made locally to you, are an amazing choice if you want to show some love to both our planet, and your community. Making responsible and conscious personal choices in our buying habits is the first step to leading a more holistic and mindful life.

It’s no secret that many synthetic ingredients like “fragrance” , talc, fatty alcohols (propylene, cetyl, etc) and many others, can cause irritation, breakouts, among a myriad of other not so cute reactions. We believe that when you go natural, you get the best. The best quality ingredients that are sourced responsibly, products that are tested by their makers, made with love, and are better for our planet.

At Amelia Lee we value self care very highly. Part of this is making sure that the products that touch our skin are safe, effective, and are a joy to use.

Now let’s talk about glowing skin. When it comes to clean skincare, there is an abundance of amazing options for every skin type. We broke it down into three steps, to help you create the clean skincare top shelf of your dreams.


Washing of the grime of the day without stripping your skin of its lovely natural oils is key to keeping it healthy. We love gentle but effective cleansers, like the customer favourite Glow by Kodo Collection. It is formulated without synthetic chemicals, preservatives, or fragrances. Glow is full of nourishing and effective ingredients like sunflower seed oil, lavender, and jojoba, to keep your skin both hydrated and clean. There is something about products that harness natural ingredients that brings out a glow to your skin!

mask + tone

Calm Spray by Kodo is a gorgeous mist that infuses the skin with lavender, witch hazel, and more. This spray is an absolute staff favourite, we love spritzing it on throughout the day to hydrate and refresh!

Masking is an amazing way to pamper your skin; we love masks that deeply cleanse pores, hydrate, and fill the skin with beautiful ingredients. Dark and Awake Mask from Flora and Fauna is a beautiful mask that cleans pores and helps with excess oil, without stripping the skin. Another crowd pleaser is Kodo’s Rose Tea Mask, another purifying clay mask that gives the skin a beautiful glow. Filled with matcha, antioxidants, and rose petals, this is a mask that is a real treat for every skin type.


Nourishing our skin properly is an essential step in any persons skincare routine. For high levels of glow and magic, we love highly moisturizing creams and serums. Our most popular moisturizing product is Flora by Kodo; this magic elixir plumps, adds glow, and is filled with nourishing ingredients. Another more recent favourite is the Face Cream by Flora and Fauna. This cream is perfect for daytime use, it moisturizes without making skin feel greasy or sticky.

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